Estelle is a highly experienced Belly Dancer from Australia.

Estelle studied many different versions of the dance, she has danced in seven countries, appeared on many television shows, from The Midday Show in Sydney to The Beat Takashi show in Japan, she has also appeared in feature films and danced on the some of the best stages in the world today.

Estelle has studied Ancient Egyptian dance hieroglyphics and formed the basis of her interpretation of the Beledi form, and practiced the style that she believes is “… the closest form of the dance to date. In ancient Egypt Belly Dance was a ceremonial dance that was performed with a spiritual perspective as well as an erotic one. This kind of innate understanding of the dance is key to tapping into primal femininity that unconsciously will guide the dancer with true inspiration”. Estelle has studied other forms of dance as well, such as African, Modern Dance, Ballet and even Jazz Ballet, but she always returns to her main path, that of Beledi. “After understanding other dance forms gives a dancer a true understanding of where it all came from, some say it was Africa, I believe it was Egypt” Estelle has written articles on the health aspects of the dance in magazines such as, Cosmopolitan, WellBeing, Women’s Spirit, Nature and Health and many more. The health aspects are overwhelming in fact but to me one of the most important aspect of the dance is the spiritual component.

About the video

The Enchanted dance is a film about Egyptian BellyDance, in two parts, essentially a learn to Belly Dance video, running time is 90 minutes and it is available on NTSC VHS (USA version) & PAL VHS (Aust-ralian version). A sound-track accompanies the video and a small leaflet on Costume Design comes with the video as well.

Health & Fitness

Egyptian belly-dance is one of the best ways to loose weight and attain a high degree of health and fitness without straining the body. It may look as though only the lower half of the body is getting a workout, but in fact the whole body and internal organs all benefit. Estelle says this massaging of internal organs has a rejuvenating effect, increasing the secretion of hormones, expelling toxins and helping to replace dead cells. Belly dancing utilises body fat faster than any other exercise.

About Beledi

Egyptian belly-dance was originally, called 'Beledi', which translates as `native dance'. Some of the oldest hieroglyphics in the great pyramids of Egypt, dating as far as 3000 BC, portray women In traditional. Beledi poses. 12 Classes of movements are known in the Beledi form of Authentic Egyptian Belly Dance. This is a wonder-fully beautiful way to loose weight and attain a new level in health and fitness.

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