Buyers Feedback

This video has sold a huge number of copies and although the old adage 'you can't please all the people of the time...' is absolutely true, it seems I can manage to please most of the people most of the time, sure I have my critics, and they are usually other dancers, who perhaps have different views and that's fine, that is what makes the world an interesting place. Here are some feedback remarks from dancers who have bought this video and their contact details as well. Sorry I cant place people email addresses on here as some spammer will get it - but if you want to check any of these out please email me and I will forward it onto the women's involved. They will all say wonderful things. Also I have hundreds of wonderful comments, cant put them all here, but you can check out my eBay references too over 200 positive feedback there as well, go here to check it out; Asmodelle's Ebay Feedback.

Very friendly dancer, pleasant to deal with. An interesting video as well, I especially love the historical information. Leana Donaldson, WA, Australia.

Great dancer and great video. The sound is off a little because it was independent. Brianna Oedekoven, Utah, USA.

What a great video!!! Thank you for the super fast delivery! I would recommend you to anyone! Tracy L. Lucke, CO, USA.

Very nice video and good quality. One of the best I've seen and believe me I have seen most of them : ) Terri (Teresa) Hice, Toronto, Canada.

Beautiful work!! Very fast delivery especially seeing it comes from Australia!! So pleased with 'The Enchanted Dance' and highly recommend!! Catherine Sparkes, London, England.

5-star transaction and 5-star video. If you collect bellydance videos, this is a must-have. Brenda Clark, Florida, USA.

This was a safe, speedy shipment, and a great video, Estelle is a lovely dancer!!! Thanks Estelle! Cynthia Baker, Kingman, USA.

I always thought I could never learn to Belly Dance, but you showed me that's not ture and now I'm learning day by day - thanks. Pammy Alcorn, LA, USA.

What a great video - part 1 is the best - it's al good. Carol Clark, Washington, USA.

Some of the other dancers have openly bagged your video but yet they haven't offered anything and in my opinion, as a Belly Dancer, they are jealous - keep dancing and keep making these wonderful videos, you have that special something. Annita, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

I really want the DVD!!! The video is wonderful, I just wish you would release a new one on DVD and if you do -- please please put my name at the top of the list. You're a great dancer as well as a film maker! Ophelia Jackson, New Orleans, USA.

A must have for any student. Samantha Cook, Cairns, QLD, Australia.

I love just putting your video on while I practise, and the music is really cool too...... Kerry Stapleton, Perth, WA, Australia.

Please make the DVD!!!. Pat Benson, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

I've seen so many website that talk about you, and I think you're great! Janet Smith, Singapore.

This is the best video I have on Belly Dance - do you plan on making more? Chloe Edmund, Florida, USA.

It is fun to watch even though its too short, please make more and longer ones too. Estelle you can really dance! Eva Coombs, Katoomba, NSW, Australia.

About the video

The Enchanted dance is a film about Egyptian BellyDance, in two parts, essentially a learn to Belly Dance video, running time is 90 minutes and it is available on NTSC VHS (USA version) & PAL VHS (Australian version). A soundtrack accompanies the video and a small leaflet on Costume Design comes with the video as well.

About the Dancer

Estelle is a highly experienced Belly Dancer from Australia, who studied many different versions of the dance, she has danced in seven countries, and has appeared on many television shows, from The Midday Show in Sydney to The Beat Takashi show in Japan, she has also appeared in feature films and danced on the some of the best stages in the world today.

Health & Fitness

Egyptian belly-dance is one of the best ways to loose weight and attain a high degree of health and fitness without straining the body. It may look as though only the lower half of the body is getting a workout, but in fact the whole body and internal organs all benefit. Estelle says this massaging of internal organs has a rejuvenating effect, increasing the secretion of hormones, expelling toxins and helping to replace dead cells. Belly dancing utilises body fat faster than other forms of exercise.

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